“I suffered a fall from 4 foot up on a ladder in 1996. I had suffered from back and neck pain ever since. I had been to multiple doctors and specialists with poor results and the pain was still there, even with narcotic pain medicine. My friend told me about Chiropractic and this doctor that had been treating her with wonderful results. I thought “I have nothing to lose” so I went. I was wrong. I lost over a decade of pain within a short matter of time. After my first visit, I felt relief that I had not had in years. I did not even have to take any of my pain meds that night. I continued with my treatment as prescribed and today I am pain free and able to move freely. Thank you Dr. Arnold.”
Debbie M.

“Best manors, simple explainations, always smiles and greets nicely. I would not go anywhere else.”

“I have had severe migraine headaches approximately 2 times a month lasting from 24 hours to 5 days since I was 17 years old and I am 38 now. My migraines were so severe that I have excruciating head pain, light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, loss of vision, loss of speech, and multiple days of lost work over the years. My mother had been going to Dr Arnold and asked me to see him. I told her that I had a neurologist, a PCP, and had been to 3 other chiropractors and still yet I had the migraines. After much convincing I went to see Dr Arnold and started treatment. I skeptically waited for the next migraine. I am over 6 months into treatment and have not had a single migraine or other headache. Thanks Dr. Arnold for giving my quality of life back.”
Martie H.

“I felt like I had excellent care”
Abby K.